On The Televidge is a site for TV reviews and recaps from an Australian point of view.

After decades of box watching and talking the ear off friends and family about TV, I’m trying my hand at writing about them. The content will grow over time to include related internetz humour as well as movie reviews.

There are new tv shows starting almost every month, and taking the time to invest in watching a show ought to be an informed choice. I hope I can help you with that, but don’t be looking here for reality tv or dedicated comedy shows, I’m more into drama and sci-fi.

With the rise of binge watching and the ever growing number of content providers in Australia, it can be hard to find a show you’ve heard about, so I’ll be giving (hopefully accurate) information about that too.

If you want to give me a hand with advice, critiques or even reviews of other shows, I’d love to hear from you.

Something suitable for a logo and a Gravatar for me will be coming soon.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read,


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