In The Stream 16/08/15

In the stream

I’m still getting the hang of writing for the blog so bear with me. Writing recaps is a bit of a snarky dud for me. As you may have seen I was doing it for Zoo and The Strain, two shows I hate watch – that feeling you have when a show ought to be good but they keep throwing stupidity at you? I’ve heard your feedback and will stick to reviewing shows as a whole.

What’s the catch?

Humans TV showHopefully you’ve noticed that ABC2 has started airing Humans. This Monday night will be the 3rd episode. You can catch up on ABC iView. It’s well worth it. Here’s a link to my review.




Presto have added some semr robotrious punch to their ‘First On’ offering with Mr Robot. They’ve added all the episodes aired to date and I can only assume will keep up to date with it. Brilliant show, and here’s the link to my review of that one. With both Aquarius and Mr Robot as First Ons, and with a back catalog of HBO shows (alas Game of Thrones is NOT one of them), Presto is moving in the right direction to compete with Netflix and Stan


iZombieiZombie has reared its head on Stan as a new First On offering. I haven’t reviewed it on the site yet but I shall. It has more of a Buffy vibe than Walking Dead and is really worth getting into.



My Tacklebox

I’ve cancelled my subscription to Quickflix. I’d already seen the shows I wanted from their catalog, and the extra gouge of $2.95 per episode over and above the monthly subscription sucks ass. Can’t see them lasting now that Netflix, Stan and Presto are competing with them.

Pilots have appeared for Lucifer and Minority Report and I’ll provide reviews of those shortly. Absolutely loved the Lucifer pilot, and yet to watch MR. Also appearing is Heroes Reborn. Mixed feelings about that, since the old series was such a massive disappointment and bore to me.

I’ve been squeeing while doing some catch up TV with Ripper Street – the script in that show is just wonderful, such beautiful use of the English language.

Suits used to be a must watch for me but this season has been less interesting. The Last Ship is motoring along in its second season and is a fun watch, the subliminals encouraging you to join the US Navy not withstanding.

Write a comment and tell me what you’re watching or a show you’d like me to review.


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