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Humans headlines: Fully featured fake humans are fun!

Humans - Gemma Chan as Anita
Gemma Chan as Anita. Home appliances have never looked so good

What do you get when you mix kitchen sink drama, British cop shows and sc-fi together? Humans is an AMC collaboration with Britain’s Channel 4 that’s intriguing, disturbing and both reservedly funny and sexy. The ever growing consequences of life with androids is explored from four points of view; the Hawkins family, who get a (hot) bot for the first time and each anthropomorphise ‘her’ in different ways, a group of renegade androids with (perhaps) free AI, an ailing scientist who was there from the start and the police who investigate android related crime (a sop to the general public’s fears – since there is no such thing as an android crime… is there?)

Based on the 2012 Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans, the show was initially developed by XBox Originals with Channel 4, before Microsoft shut down their production company.

For fans of: Bladerunner, I Robot, In the Flesh, Almost Human


Humans scores well for it’s production, suspense and the slow reveals for the mysteries in the story. The acting is quality and you’ll be binge watching if you can.

Where to watch it in Oz?: Coming soon to ABC2 and ABC iView.

Channel 4’s official site
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Popular and critical opinion on Humans

imdb 8.2 rt 86% 95% metacritic 73

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