The future is Limitless

NZT in NYC is good to see

Forget the critics on this one, most of whom are harping that the show isn’t original. Well, duh – you don’t base a TV show on a movie because you WANT original, you want more of what the movie served up, and Limitless does that very well indeed.

Limitless re-creates the joyous what-if delivered by the movie, casting a suspenseful narrative over its police procedural episodic guts. Perpetual under-achiever Brian Finch is being helped out of the addictive hole NZT has dug for him by Senator Edward Morro, as long as he tells absolutely no one.  We don’t know what Morro wants in exchange for this, though I’ll hazard a guess that keeping skeletons in closets has something to do with it. Bradley Cooper reprises his movie role here, now up for a second term as a senator. Meanwhile the FBI is confused as to what to do with him – prisoner? resource? test subject?

do NOT play trivial pursuit with this guy

In keeping with the theme of projecting yourself into the show as the hero, Brian has a judgemental family that loves him despite his loser ways. These roles are filled warmly by a good bunch of character actors that never make the family scenes feel slow or fillers, following a formula for suspense in the small moments that’s been perfected by Dexter and Suits.

Speaking of Dexter, Karen Carpenter brings her lip but not her mouth to the show as Brian’s FBI handler. Her expressive features get a workout reacting to our hero’s stunts, and to me that just adds to the smile on my own face.limitless2

So far, the case of the week has been modern and the resolutions inventive, giving a real ‘I haven’t seen THAT before’ vibe and freshness to it. I confess to being a fan of shows produced by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, their talent for futurism and innovation in Fringe and Star Trek shows in this one as well.

For fans of: The movie, Psyche, Suits

Where to watch it in Oz?: Limitless airs on Ten from Sunday October 11.


Limitless is a US CBS show, so expect commercial rather than cable values.  starstarstarhalfstar

Popular and critical opinion on Limitless

imdb 8.3 rt   59%   83% metacritic 57

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