The SCATHING WORD is a rating system for a show that provides a subjective measure of 12 different criteria.

The measures for the 12 criteria are presented in a polar graph to give an at a glance view of the show’s content. The colours in the graph match the colour of the letters in  the mnemonic.

The criteria that matter for the show are also used to produce a star rating out of 5. I’ll mention what criteria I dropped when giving the rating.

STAGING Production values including everything from cinematography, effects, soundtrack, costumes
COMBAT The frequency and quality of combat and action sequences in the show
ADULT THEMES The multitude of sins not covered by nudity (see what I did there?) or offensive language
THRILLS The level of suspense in the show. You’d expect  horror  and (duh) thrillers to be high on this
HUMOUR Is the show good for a laugh – whether intended or not?
INTRIGUE Is there an engaging mystery in the show?
NUDITY Are there naughty bits on display? no judgement on quality here, just quantity
GORE Is the show trying to shock us with blood and guts?
WRITING the quality of the story, from the plot to the characters to the conversations they have
OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE Are you watching Deadwood or Driving Miss Daisy?
ROMANCE Hope makes us want to keep watching, and romance is the most common form of hope in a show. How well do the actors sell the love story?
DRAMA Conflict and adversity are the trials we want to see overcome. Are we engaged in the drama? How good is the delivery?


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