Zoo S01E04 Pack Mentality Recap

Zoo Headlines: Bats celebrate round the world race win. Penguins ignore plea for help.

Ducksauce has taken voice-over duties from crazyDad reducing the reaction giggles in the premise/monologue a bit.

Oz is pissed at Mitch dissing crazyDad, since that’s Oz’s job, and Jamie is still pitching Raiden Global as the root cause. Chloe switches their tickets to Biloxi because an animal attack in the US is more important than anywhere else. Apparently there were no survivors at the prison what with the fire and the wolves. I’d say those guards faked their deaths and slunk way rather than face an investigation into everything they did wrong.

I do think it’s funny that they mention animal attacks happening pretty much everywhere except Australia. Maybe because we have so many of them all the time they can’t tell the difference? Maybe marsupials don’t get droopy pupil? Have the spiders and snakes come to our aid? Important questions all.

In Biloxi the team splits, with Mitch and Ducksauce off tracking the wolves and the rest bluffing their way into the prison to find out what they can. FBI agent Shaffer takes an interest in Chloe, and perhaps what she’s doing there. Oz spots Ev’L on the security footage and how a wolf defers to him like Ev’L’s the alpha. Our trackers have some redneck baiting fun in a hunting goods store buying non-lethals while the rest of Mississippi is gearing up for world war wolf.

Back at their hotel there’s an odd romance bait and switch when we see both Chloe and Oz wake in the small hours and head out. But it’s agent Shaffer who meets up with Chloe in the bar. His pickup lines get the treatment they deserve so he moves on to calling bullshit on her story at the prison. She reveals her DGSE Id and forestalls any further enquiries with ‘it’s classified’. Doesn’t seem like a smart move for foreign intelligence agents to be walking around with Id like that in their wallets, like it’s a fast track to a bullet in the head in unexpected situations such as holdups and hijackings.

zoo S01e04 prison
actors consider the harm this show is doing their careers

The next morning our trackers head off into the woods, with Ducksauce showing his skills by marking their path right from the car door. Thorough. At the prison Oz finds where the wolves and Ev’L escaped under the fences and covered their tracks, so the B team go off to meet up with the trackers. Good thing Ducksauce left an obvious trail huh? Meantime Ev’L has set an ambush that our trackers run strait into, but pauses to gloat and reveal his judgement before letting the pack tear our boys a new one. He may have paused to consider what these guys are doing in the woods without guns, because he splits with the pack when they hear gunshots in the distance, much to our heroes’ relief. The B team catches up, and they all head back with a wounded wolf they’d found. Mission accomplished.

With the authorities now side-tracked hunting down Ev’L, the team conduct experiments on their wolf and discover a bacterial infection that is drastically affecting brain activity. Jamie heads back to the prison and investigates Ev’L’s cell, where she finds his bible and nicks it. Not smart when there’s a manhunt for the guy underway. There’s a convenient picture of Ev’L and crazyDad tucked into the bible to link the storylines, which is supposed to be the big reveal of the ep, but I’ve saved the best for last.

New location! ANTARCTICA (that one nearly wrapped the screen). A pair of middle-aged lesbian scientists are all alone in a small base where they’ve been experimenting on seagulls for at least a year. A colony of bats, yes bats (possibly the same ones that attacked Oz’n’Ducksauce in Japan) manage a trans-oceanic flight across the southern ocean just to land all over the base’s solar panels. Solar panels. In a place that’s dark half the year. In a place where ice storms can flay the skin off you and certainly wreck the panels. Naturally the power and heat cut off seconds after the panels are covered, because there’s no energy storage arrangement for the panels either. One of the girls heads out and uses a makeshift flamethrower to clear them, but unknowingly brings a single bat inside which then suicides into the backup heater, permanently shorting out the secondary electricity supply. The colony return to cover the panels again, spelling doom for our scientists, who hit upon the brilliant idea that they should let loose the seagulls (who can’t survive the cold – but hey neither can the bats).

Okay so these bats flew THOUSANDS of miles to rescue these gulls? How did they know? Have they been tracking them ever since the girls captured them over a year ago? Can the gulls squawk so loud they were heard in Australia? Those bats must be TOTALLY pissed at the penguins and seals, who could have mounted a rescue MUCH sooner if only they’d put aside their differences. Ugghhh there are SO MANY stupidities in this side-story it’s jaw-dropping. But hey, that’s why we watch the show right?

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