Zoo S01E05 Blame it on Leo Recap

Zoo Headlines: Yo Mama’s on the top of my things to do list

For the 3rd episode in a row, it’s the bats in the vanguard of the animal liberation front. Perhaps they’ve flown to Rio to warm up after their rescue mission down south. The team is on their way to investigate and maybe get confirmation that the same disease affecting the wolves is in the bats.

Oz and Jamie stay behind because Leo Butler is a name scribbled all over EvL’s bible/diary and Leo Butler turns out to be the chemist who made the bacteria infecting the wolves. This episode’s drinking game rules require a shot for every time we get both barrels of his name. 7 times in the first 10 minutes. Thishepishode’s gunna befunnn.

New location! BOSTON. In a painfully obvious aside, we get introduced to Mitch’s daughter who’s dying of something. It must be a tv trope that all pre-teen kids with a terminal illness are big hearted angels that our hearts break for. I doubt that’s the case in real life. Henry the labrador warns that she’s going to have a fit, so we know the kid and the dog are tight. Henry gets hit by a car and the parents are discussing options for the mutt’s surgery. Between the daughter’s condition and the $3K for dog repair, things are financially dire. Perhaps unnamed ex-hubby could stump for his daughter? This plan instantly loses stepdad cred with mom, and they go deeper in debt to save the dog. Henry returns from surgery with a bottle of Reiden pills to take, which are up on the dresser beside a picture of Mitch, the dog and the girl as a bub.

Agent Shaffer is in Jamie and Oz’s business, and they have no game like Chloe, so they spill the beans. Shaffer chooses the obvious crimes involved so he’s after Leo Butler too. We have to drink thrice more on the boat ride into the bayou near Mobile where he’s hiding. Shouldn’t it be a reasonable conclusion that EvL’s headed in Leo’s direction? At least be on the lookout for him? The guy was obsessed after all. Leo’s a paranoid nerd who’s been blackmailing a gigantic multinational, so he’s understandably skittish and getting decked by Oz doesn’t help his attitude, but he’s a nerd, so Chloe charms him into giving up the juice about Reiden. They discovered the midochlorians inside all living things, and are using them to vector medicines, pesticides, viruses, nutrition or anything they want more effectively than any other product. If only the empire had thought of this.

The bats must be on R&R, or else they know Oz isn’t on the plane, so the team gets a free pass into Rio instead of engines full of fanatical flying foxes. It seems not all of Rio is under attack. The bats are busiest in a favela, and the government plans to dust the place with an Endrin variant. It’s only a favela right? Not like the residents pay taxes. Who’s gonna miss them?

When the team heads over to see what’s going on and whether they can prevent use of WMDs to control the problem, the bats stop mucking about and get on with attacking the power poles, blacking out the whole district. Nice of them to wait til the team was there to witness it.

zoo S01E05 favela power outage

Later, when Chloe’s phone gets attacked by a bat when she’s talking to Oz, they theorise that the bats are attacking technology. Mitch cheerfully puts forth the idea that humans are pretty low on the food chain except for 2 things, reasoning and technology.

The team plan to lead the bats away from the favela by setting up a powerful electrical emitter somewhere nothing matters, like the jungle teaming with life, and let the government drop their toxin over there. The local gang just sees a bunch of foreigners stealing their antennae and beats the shit out of them. Stay tuned next week to see how our bat friends get out of this one!

Back in the bayou, Leo retrieves a sample of the macguffin stuff with Chloe and is driving back to the others when EvL rams their car. Leo’s looking a bit dead and the car is smashed and upside down but the delicate container with the mother midochlorian is peachy, and that’s what he’s there for.

Random droppings

  • I get a laugh every time Ducksauce explains his role is ‘Safari Guy’ (yes I know he’s saying guide but come on, you think he says that too).
  • Props for the episode title. Blame it on Rio + Leo Butler = awesome.
  • Even though Clouseau!’s not in this episode, he must be doing his thing because the team knows what happened in Antartica. We never saw the ladies call for help.
  • Having Mitch do his research in a high school lab was a nice touch. Chloe’s got funds but it takes time to hire a lab.
  • The number of parking lot scenes so far in the show must be a good way to keep production costs low, and they add a conspiracy vibe as a freebie.
  • Did anyone else hear a wolf growl as EvL’s feet appeared in Jamie’s eyeline? Gratuitous much?

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